RISK: Dance is naturally strenuous activity. I understand that whilst every care will be taken by workers, that they cannot be held responsible for any accident that may arise. I am aware that some activities carry a risk and realise that this controlled risk is an important part of the educational experience. (Staff treat the safety of your child and that of others as paramount to any other consideration).

Payments: Classes are payable half term in advance and are due the first class back each half-term. Fees are not refundable for missed classes.

This form enrolls the young person in the Attitude dance class named above for up to one year, all information is treated as strictly confidential.

@titude Dance Pricing System
1 Class = £6
1 Class = £7

2 Classes = £11 inc. 1 aerial class = £13
3 Classes = £15 inc. 1 aerial class = £17

Bronze = £20 (5 Classes)
Silver = £22 (5 Classes inc. 1 aerial class)
Gold = £23 (7 Classes)
Diamond = £25 (7 Classes inc. 1 aerial class)
Platinum = £27 (9 Classes inc. 1 aerial class)
Ultimate = £33 (Ultimate Classes inc. hoop & silks)